Q. What is the minimum stay length?
A. We have a 3-night minimum for booking with weekly (7-night) rentals available.

Q. Where can we grab a bite to eat close by?
A. See Our Points of Interest

Q. Is there space to park onsite?
A. Yes, each lodge has enough room for three rigs (trucks with trailers), as well as additional overflow parking.

Q. Is there a place to buy fuel nearby?
A. See Our Points of Interest

Q. Where can I go to buy groceries close to the lodges?
A. See Our Points of Interest

Q. Is there a place close buy to purchase beer/libations?
A. See Our Points of Interest

Q. Do we need to bring our own linens, sheets and pillows?
A. No, our guest houses are fully equipped with all fresh linens, towels and pillows, as well as an assortment of cleaning supplies, soaps, detergents and paper products.

Q. Do we have to trailer our ATV’s, or can we ride them?
A. From Sam’s Guest Houses, you can ride your ATV’s to all 4 trail systems. Check HERE for distances/directions.

Q. Is alcohol permitted on the trails?
A. The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System strictly prohibits the carrying or consumption of alcoholic beverages. Some riders enjoy libations at one of the many watering holes found in the communities that border the systems. If you choose to go off-system and drink, please note that you do so at your own risk. The unsanctioned trails are not monitored by Hatfield-McCoy and any accident or injury is the responsibility of the rider and their party.

Q. Do the houses have cable TV?
A. While we do not have traditional cable, each house contains Smart TV’s so that guests can utilize their streaming services, just like home! Using these TV’s, you can link to all of your favorite streaming apps/providers. Just remember to log out before you leave.

Q. Do the houses have Wi-Fi?
A. Absolutely! All usernames/passwords are provided upon final payment and check-in.

Q. What if I break down on the trails?
A. Don’t worry about a thing! If you can’t limp your way off of the trails or find a buddy to tow you, there are plenty of kind and helpful people willing to assist you in your troubles. If the problem is worse than a simple tow or patch, check out our Points of Interest to find local tire shops and ATV repair shops.

Q. Do you rent ATV’s?
A. Sam’s Guest Houses does not provide that service, however, check out our Points of Interest to find local vendors that do.

Q. What are the bedroom configurations for houses?
A. Please refer to our House Configurations document for more information.